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Dear Davie you don't know me
I'm your avid fan you see
been a fan for years
You've see me through all my fears
I love you oh so much
Please don't think me a little touched
my heart goes out to you, In everything you do
I like to watch you every day
To help me keep the demon away

I am your avid fan
Watch you whenever I can
I know you don’t know me
But you will do, wait and see!
I ring you day and night
I am not trying to give you a fright
But I like to hear your voice
For me I have no choice
I dream of you at night
I know thats not right
I can't help it you see
I feel you're part of me
I am just a your avid fan
Just doing what I can

To get close to you
and watch the things you do

I like to be in your life
I know you’ve got a wife!
But I don’t care you see
because she is her not me

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