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Step into my house
What do I see
An Intruder staring back at me
I wanted to scream
So full of fright
I picked up the hammer
and turn on the light

You've come to rob me
I finally said and the look in his eyes filled me with dread
He moves towards me in a threatening way,
Don’t come any closer I manage to say,
I will use this you know
I think I said it, or did I, Don’t know!

You break into my house
you violate my space
Your my little secret
Just my little secret.

All I remember my arms swinging around,
As though they were attached to a doll of a clown,
He had a knife,that he would have use on me,
Cos obviously I wasn’t his cup of tea

He went down on his knees
with his eyes open wide,
He looked like a man
who seemed surprised
Don't fuck with me,
I said in his ear,
Cos nobody know you are here,
And nobody will
cos i'll be quite as a mouse
how dare you come into my house
your my little secret, 
you're just my little secret..

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