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Take a map and stick your pin right in
sulphur, lafayette, crowley, and New Orleans
Where red neck snappers
got bad mutant genes
I’ve seen you coming
through the entrails steam

A fat cat now, gonna end up thin
Dog-days are coming
because momma’s always home
Rose’s got a potion that’s as
sweet as cherry wine
Got him on a hook but the fish is fine
Greener than the fly that’s been
suppin on the vine
Rosie’s got a potion of the killing kind

He’s got a fancy name
He got fancy shoes
But Rafael sure can sing the blues
He’s heading deep down south
right to the vipers nest
He’s heard that Rosie’s potion
Is the goddamn best

He’s gonna get real high
He’s gonna get real low
But Rosie’s vintage potion gonna
make his gaskets blow

Folks say he’ll leave you spellbound
down by Rosie’s shack
Like a bayou spider crawling down
your back
His face as old as Satan
but Rosie’s still as young
Who you going to trust when
you're a fine young gun
A fat cat now gonna end up thin
dogs days coming cos mamma’s always in.

by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettle

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