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Eileen Daly Productions create a variety of original content for various markets from TV and movies, to music videos and promotional content.


Founded in 2012 by Eileen & Lindsey, the pair came up with the idea of a production company when thinking of ways to utilize their passion for creating & entertaining.

EDP’s unique off the wall style focuses on a heightened reality, with quirky, informal, and fun to watch docu-dramas and magazine shows. No rules or restrictions, except to entertain, this is a new generation of film-making and story telling. 


Eileen Daly Productions doesn’t follow trends, it sets them!

Eileen Daly Productions are currently raising money for the fifth and final I See The Dead movie, She's a Bitch!

Help us realise our werewolf vision, and be a part of something incredibly fun by contributing to the Indie Gogo Campaign, or even just sharing it for us!

Full details HERE

We start filming in mid-October and we will be keeping you all updated with any hijinks that happen on set.

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