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Eileen Daly Productions create a variety of original content for various markets from TV and movies, to music videos and promotional content.


Founded in 2012 by Eileen & Lindsey, the pair came up with the idea of a production company when thinking of ways to utilize their passion for creating & entertaining.

EDP’s unique off the wall style focuses on a heightened reality, with quirky, informal, and fun to watch docu-dramas and magazine shows. No rules or restrictions, except to entertain, this is a new generation of film-making and story telling. 


Eileen Daly Productions doesn’t follow trends, it sets them!

Here's the trailer for Mr Crispin, the new film from Eileen Daly Productions, now available to stream on Redemption TV! (Click below)

Mr Crispin insta copy.png
  • YouTube
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