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Film Productions

Eileen Daly Productions create a variety of original content for various markets from TV and movies, to music videos and promotional content.


Founded in 2012 by Eileen & Lindsey, the pair came up with the idea of a production company when thinking of ways to utilize their passion for creating & entertaining.

EDP’s unique off the wall style focuses on a heightened reality, with quirky, informal, and fun to watch docu-dramas and magazine shows. No rules or restrictions, except to entertain, this is a new generation of film-making and story telling. 


Eileen Daly Productions doesn’t follow trends, it sets them!

Eileen's productions to date:

Mr Crispin (Feature Film)

I See The Dead Part One.

Deep down in the underbelly of suburbia, lies hidden a secret that only one man knows, but the arrival of the ghost-busting team may change that...

There's something off about Mr Crispin, and Eileen and her team will get to the bottom of it, no matter how complex Crispin's complexes!

Available exclusively on Redemption TV here.

Hollywood Betrayed (Feature Film)

I See The Dead Part Two.

Somewhere in Normsville, Suburbia, England, is a hotel of horrors... The hotelier has invited the ghost-busting team in to help rid the place of evil. Is there really evil in the hotel, or is it in his head? 

As usual for the team, there's definitely something strange going on. 

Available exclusively on Redemption TV here.

Witches Brew (Feature Film)

I See the Dead Part Three. 

A young girl, burned as a witch at the tender age of 15 in 1666 is somehow back, with one thing on her mind…REVENGE!

The team get up to further hijinx, and this time there's dark magic in the air... Is that magic? Burnt toast? Burning?? Am I having a stroke?!

Coming to Redemption TV June 2023

First Bite (Feature Film)

I See the Dead Four, in post-production,

Love is in town for the ghost-busting team’s presenter, Miss Eileen Daly! When the team turn up to solve a mystery in an enchanted castle, things seem to be getting a little, 'je ne sais quoi', and then a little 'sacre-bleu!'

Will they solve the mystery and leave with their 8 pints of blood still in their bodies... or does love conquer all?

Coming to Redemption TV Halloween 2023

She’s a Bitch (Feature Film)

In production

The team have been through a lot. What can possibly happen in this quiet, rural, picturesque and idyllic setting?! There's no one for miles so those noises can only be animals outside, right? 

Was that a... A howl?

Coming soon

Daly's Sinema (Ongoing Series)

Eileen's ongoing movie review series, produced for Salvation Films. Eileen gives her unique take on the latest new releases from the company with a familiar looking face on the logo! With the assistance of her canine companion, Piglet (somewhat of a Redemption Mascot) Eileen gives us the lowdown on the latest titles from the nefarious purveyors of horror, Japanese Pink, and exploitation cinema. Watch all episodes for free here.

Dark Date (Short)

Dark Date Georgey is looking forward to meeting a blind date from a dating website ‘Fish Dish’. It’s not you average first date. Things take a turn for the worse when the pair go back to Georgey’s flat… Not for the fainthearted!    

Exorcism (Pilot)

A black comedy ghost hunting show, funny, light hearted and easy to watch, with comic horror. The team have traveled to stay the night in a haunted hotel by the sea to investigate the spooky happenings. Things take a turn for the worse when they meet the hotel chambermaid. 

Daly Does Ghosts (Pilot)

Our first TV ghost pilot, a black comedy ghost hunting show. The team look for spirits in the Fox & Hounds pub, London. What will they find in the cellar? More than they were expecting! 

Daly Does Ben Dover (Magazine Show)

A magazine show, where we see the lives and personalities of Porn Stars. Its light hearted and fun, what you wouldn’t usually associate with the porn industry.

Daly Does Webcam Girl (Magazine Show)

TV Show Pilot This show is naughty but light hearted. It’s comedic, Eileen takes you on a journey in the day of a life of a Webcam girl. This shows the viewer middle England and how some people live, in a world you wouldn’t usually see.




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