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Musicical Endeavours

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Eileen and ben

the courtesans


Ben thirkettle

the chelsea 


Jezebel was Eileen’s baby back in 2001 as she wanted something different, dark twisted fairy tales with a pop gothic beat. Eileen is quoted to say in NME “I love this album and I am very proud of it, the whole album leaves you wanting more. If you love goth pop, this album is for you.”It will take you into the darker side of life, serial killers, sex changes, murder, drugs, sex addiction, with a dark pop beat. This album takes you on a journey of pure musical indulgence to the dark side...


I have always written songs/poems, I love words and put them together sometimes I will have a tune to go with it, other times I see the pictures inside my head. I see them visually dance before me and take flight upon my page...I don’t do them for you, I do them for me, for I know they're not everyone’s cuppa tea….

Read some of them HERE

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