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Every things alright
every things ok
I’m going to sing
while Bo plays

Things have been going
pretty bad until today
all I want to
Is to hear Bo play

When a rabble of gipsies
happened down our way
I sang to them
while Bo played

They promised us money
or jewels as pay
So I sang to them
and Bo did play

From the stars in the sky
To the fish in the sea
They tore our world
topsy turvy, and every thing suddenly
came our way
A perfect day
As I sang and Bo played

To the smell of amber
Birds singing bright
We woke on moss
To the warm morning light

The money was pebbles
The jewels were snails
Thats how the gipsies
had cast their spells
Long gone were them
a new day for us
The magic stayed with us like fairy dust
And Bo sat their and played.

by Eileen Daly & Ben Thirkettl

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