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I’m riding on the Devil back
Like a limpet sucking on its pray
I am going to swoop down on your village
I’m going to make your day!

Molly Hopper!
You were born of sin
And I can see your evil within

Bobby Jackob You took a life
Now I am here 
To take your wife

Sally Jassop Your 20 stone!
And you’ve never Felt your hip bones
I will make it
That your glutterney goes away
You will never eat again from this DAY!!!

Come! Come! Haven't you heard?
God punishes the faint of heart
OHHH Dear Ladies No need for tears
For it only adds on the years
If you don't give me what I want
You will pay!
and I will never go away

Cindy Jones you've messed around
With every boy in this here town
Now you're with child
And I am here
To take your little one my dear.

A child will do
under the age of two
I need a child anyone will Do!!

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