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Eileen Daly

Film Maker, Actress, Singer and All Round Star.

The Grande Madame

Music & Radio

Scream Queen

Lyrics & Poetry

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Eileen Daly the British born actress, has become The Judy Garland of horror movies and comedy TV shows in which she stars.  Eileen has played in both British and international feature films, receiving awards globally for her acting.  Critics have praised her light on her feet acting and on screen presence.  One critic saying:
“She lights up the screen which her infectious smile and rich tones”.

A gipsy-glam baroque duo with it’s upbeat flavour of no bounds limited. As seen on The X Factor! They take the listener through a world wind of emotions, from gipsy glam, to punky swing beats, to dark places. The duo’s debut mini album ‘Next Stop Vegas’ will put them on the map as the band with a new sound, not sounding like any other band.
“It’s been one of the most enjoyable times of my life, I love this band. Ben Thirkettle is a genius producer.”

Eileen Mary Theresa Daly is widely regarded as one of the most interesting actress of this generation, she was trained by Fenella Fielding. Eileen made her professional debut in the Tainted Love video for Marc Almond’s Soft Cell when she was 16. Since then she has appeared in over 25 feature films and numerous TV shows for a variety of channels including BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

I have always written songs/poems, I love words and put them together sometimes I will have a tune to go with it, other times I see the pictures inside my head. I see them visually dance before me and take flight upon my page…I don’t do them for you, I do them for me, for I know they’re not everyone’s cuppa tea….


Eileen and Ben

Barque Britpop Starring Eileen Daly and Ben Thirkettle

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Chelsea Vampires


Eileen Daly and Ben Thirkettle (as seen on The X Factor 2014 and Big Brother 2015) are a duo from London.  They describe their music as Gypsy Glam Rock & Roll mixed with Pop, Country,Celtic and Classical. Their songs tell stories; sometimes their own, sometimes of others.

Ben Thirkettle is a songwriter and composer of instrumental music.Experienced in many genres including classical,pop,alternative and film soundtracks,he is available to work on and enhance your project.

The Chelsea Vampires were born in 2016. With a love of horror movies, vampire and dirty rock & roll…so we have kept Eileen & Ben for the nice stuff “radio friendly” and got down and dirty with The Chelsea Vampires!


The Courtesans as seen on The X Factor! are are known for continuously reinventing their music, image and for retaining a standard of autonomy within the record industry. Critics have praised their diverse musical productions.

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Eileen Daly Productions create a variety of original content for different markets; TV, movies, music videos, promos and corporate films to name a few.

Founded in 2012 by Eileen & Lindsey. The pair came up with the idea of a production company when thinking of ways to utilize their passion for creating & entertaining.

EDP’s unique off the wall style focuses on a heightened reality with it’s uplifting drama-documentary’s and magazine shows. The core to all the shows is humour and an in-formal style.

No rules or restrictions, this is a new generation of film-making. Cutting-edge narrative and a new way of story telling.


Eileen Daly Productions doesn’t follow trends, it sets them!

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