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Loving you hurts like hell
You wouldn't know what it feels like
I can Tell
The way you say it so coolly
So matter of fact
You Haven't the fucking idea
How I would react

The Mouse on a wheel
Just going around and around
Trapped within a cage
My feet not touching the ground
Where night brings the heavy
Curtain of doom
Which totally fills my bedroom

Why don’t the stars twinkle anymore
Why can't I see the Ocean
Break across the shore
Why do I feel my heart to heavy
like a big open door
Why did you have to tell me
you don't love me no more

When you said you loved me
You knew there was someone else
How could you hide something So deep
And be true to yourself
When you sat around the table
And we’d laugh late at night
Now I know why the sex wasn't right
You were in Love with another
From far away
OH! Why! Oh Why!
Did you give the game away.

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