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I want to go,
Where the light just glows
I want to see things
That I have never seen before
I want to mix and dance
as if life was one long trance
But lying here
On the operating table
Doctors doing what they can
My heart beat is slow
on the scan
Love flows away
and may come back
Another day if I watch and wait
But I think its too late
And I know I’ve got to go
I think back to
What I’ve done
And who I am
Living on the run
Life was a struggle with the hustle and bustle
But as I die and kiss the world goodbye
Mummy don’t cry
Just Kiss me goodbye
I look up and in my minds eye
I see a light
and the angels take flight
Im cosy and warm
To the light I’m drawn
Floating away
I just have to say
I shouldn’t have gone out of the house
That day
I shouldn’t have gone on my bike to play
It was just not my day

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