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Eileen and Ben

Eileen met Ben in Chelsea back in 2002;  
I just keep on seeing this good looking with long blonde hair about, I was very intrigued to know more about him, I felt a connection in some way, then found out that he had just moved in up the road from me, at the time I was living in an apartment in Pimlico road off the King's Road Chelsea.

I knew he was a musician as he was always carrying his guitar. 
He was new to the hood. I had lived there since 1996 and all of a
sudden he appears. WOW!


I won't bore you all with the details that's for another day.

it happened as I was walking to Starbucks and saw he was heading my way, knowing I had my new album, Forbidden Fruit By Jezebel That was me at the time, in my handbag as I was going to meet someone from EMI; as he passed me I stop and introduce myself and being very forward handed him "Jezebel Forbidden Fruit"  This is the very short version of how we started.


Our First Band together " The Courtesans" 4 piece band / sometimes on gigs five 2005 / 2014  X Factor DAYS


Our Second Band together "Eileen and Ben" Duo this time while I edited 4 feature films I had shot, Ben was in his studio writing all the music for them. I had entered the Big Brother House UK 2015 / 2017


Our third Band together is "The Chelsea Vampires" This band is also a duo, anything goes, writing new stuff all the time:  While Eileen Daly Productions
shoot and edit all our music videos so much fun!


A perfect Strom in a teacup


Thank you so much

Love Eileen

A gipsy-glam baroque duo with it’s upbeat flavour of no bounds limited.   As seen on The X Factor! They take the listener through a world wind of emotions, from gipsy glam, to punky swing beats, to dark places.  The duo’s debut mini album ‘Next Stop Vegas’ will put them on the map as the band with a new sound, not sounding like any other band.

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